My mission?  Take the very
best images that I possibly can


Ted Schredd has been shooting photos since he was ten and shooting video since he was a teenager. Schredd can get lost for hours behind the camera and finds that photography connects him to the depths of his creativity and imagination.

Ted Schredd has been a traveler and an adventurer since he was a little munchkin. He has bicycled around North America, as well as bike tours through England, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. He has written three books and has worked as a broadcaster for a top forty radio station as well as a host on a Breakfast TV show. Even though he enjoyed being in front of the camera, he prefers to focus his talents behind the camera.

Schredd has been hired to shoot restaurants, travel destinations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Japan and in the Caribbean. Schredd excels at shooting nature, restaurant promotional images, horse and dog portraits and positive images of people enjoying themselves at events and functions.